Tuesday, February 16, 2016

You're going on vaction, now what?

Earlier we talked about what to wear when you travel and touched on a few tips when packing.  Here you will find a visual of how to actually pack your carry on and other tips.  I refuse to check a bag now, unless it is absolutely necessary.  I am already pushing a stroller through the airport and checking 3 car seats at the kiosk.  Lucky for us moms, we do not have to pay extra for strollers and car seats.

 Tip number one: Pack carefully and smart.  You can get your clothes and your children's in one carry on if done correctly.

When I pack, I pack smart and light. I bring one pair of jeans that will match most, if not all, my tops.  I only bring 2-3 pairs of shoes, max.  Since I will normally bring tennis shoes for walking, those are the shoes I opt to wear on my travel days.  If you have not tried rolling your clothes, then you are missing out on a lot of extra space ladies.  You can roll your items separate or put your whole outfit planned and roll it up together.  Here is an example.  I usually like to put my shoes in a plastic bag though, to make sure my clothes do not get dirty.

Tip number two: if they have an outside curb service for your airline, USE IT.  I always bring an extra $5 with me and tip the gentleman that has helped.

I cannot even begin to tell you the hours I have saved by dropping off car seats at curbside and then heading to the security line.  I personally take my stroller with me, that way I do not have to carry around my littles.  I even borrowed one of these bad boys from a friend once (pictured below). You can put one car seat in it, which is great if you have one child and only one of you are traveling.  I checked it outside at curb service, but you can carry it with you or roll it, that way it will not get as beaten up.  They will just check it at the plane and you can grab it again when you land.  I have even put my car seats in huge lawn trash bags.  I opted for the thick ones, so they would last through the beatings they get when handled by airports.  If I use trash bags, I check it outside at the kiosk.

Tip three:  If they offer direct flights, take it!

It may cost a little more but the less you have to travel with little ones, the better.  I have learned this lesson the hard way when traveling back home to see family.  After three hours (five if you count getting there early to get through security) they have had it. It was well worth the extra $50 -$100 in the  long run.

Tip four: If you are flying with little children and this is your first rodeo, read this post.

It's hard enough to remember everything you need on your trip, let alone what you might need to keep your little ones comfortable.  I have found that this blog post covers pretty much anything you will need to know when you venture out.

Tip five: Breathe and HAVE FUN!

I get it, traveling is stressful! Just remember at the end of the day it is YOU that determines the outcome.  After you travel a few times with your children, you will become a pro. 

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