Tuesday, February 23, 2016

How to layer bracelets

Everyone wants to try it out, but many are too scared to give it a go.  We found this article from Andi to help ease some of those fears.

Layering bracelets is truly an art, requiring a bit of trial and error before you achieve the perfect mix of colors, sizes and metal finishes. I love this eclectic way of styling jewelry and am constantly inspired by the fantastic combinations pinned on Pinterest.

However, like I alluded to above, choosing the right arrangement of bracelets can be tricky. Here are some tips to avoid a bracelet layering fail.

Pick a theme: I know the look is meant to be eclectic, but don’t just slap on every bracelet you own. There must be a consistent element across each piece to complete the look, whether it’s the color scheme, metal finish, material or an underlying theme, like rock glam or tribal.

Smaller and fewer are better: One of the hardest parts of layering is deciding when you have added enough pieces. Avoiding chunky bracelets and keeping the number of pieces to a minimum (depending on the size, 6-8 is a good number), will keep you from looking like you’re wearing armor.

Add a watch: Including a timepiece adds practicality to the collection of jewelry, as well as another shape and texture. I think it is always good practice to mix high- and low-end pieces of jewelry when accessorizing, and a pricey watch can help make cheaper layering pieces appear more expensive by association.

I think the best layering chick out there is Andrea, hands down.  You can check out her instagram page to see how she layers different bracelets of all shapes and sizes. 

What do you think of the layered bracelet trend? Incredibly chic or just plain cluttered?


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