Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Baby Bibs..

Aliah: Shirt//Shorts//bow//Bib//

 The cute baby bibs are amazing because my little princess can stay clean but look so adorable! I seriously love it, we were at dinner right after we took the pictures and Aliah tried watermelon and cantaloupe and the bib kept her outfit all clean and was so perfect! This one is fun with the double sided feature so I made sure I got some good pictures of both so you can see how cute!


 photo 5d9ef40a-227b-405c-b5cf-3577ce421c9b_zpsd9e14b95.jpg

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  1. There are some baby bibs that doesn't keep the baby's outfit neat and clean. They just look so cute but they don't meet the expectations of mothers especially when it comes to cleanliness issues. But these baby bibs of your dearest toddler really do good. Imagine that you took the pictures right after the dinner and your baby is still clean, it is really amazing. Great Job!


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