Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Working Mothers Unite

I consider myself blessed in so many ways.  I get to stay home with my three boys and help watch them grow and I also get to live out this wonderful passion of mine.  I strongly seek out other women business owners and try to purchase as much as possible from them.  This is why all of our graphic tees that we offer come from small women ran businesses.  Some of them are on hand and some do require to be made on order, that is why they have a 14 day shipping time frame.

I feel it is so important to empower and support other women when we can.  Help me support other women like yourself and their dream.


Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Tired of your boring jeans?

So I LOVE skinny jeans, and I also LOVE to wear cute booties with it.  Since I am a little taller, I like to have longer pants.  Here is the thing, your cute booties do not always look the best when you cannot show off how cute they are.

My last photo shoot I had the idea to hike up my skinny jeans and make them "floods".  Want to see the end result?  Let's just say that I will be doing this more often.


Monday, March 27, 2017

Yes, it really works

I have tried so many different things to try to get my teeth white... toothpaste, gels, strips... you name it. All they did was leave my teeth so sensitive that I could not even smile for days. I was introduced to this amazing toothpaste and have only been using it for 5 days now and WOW the difference I already see.

Let me give you a little background about this toothpaste. It is effectively both a fluoride whitening and preventative toothpaste, which does 2 jobs at once - whitens your teeth and prevents cavities! It features a special formula which does not contain ‘‘harmful peroxides’’ which would sometimes be used in teeth whitening kits and instead uses a variety of different ingredients to brighten and whiten your teeth!
This toothpaste has been on the market for 20 years, ya'll. It will make them whiter and the longer you use it the better results you are going to get from it.

Give it a go and see it for yourself! It's only $23 shipped.

Want to order? Message me or leave your email below and I will send you an invoice!


Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The release of our new Spring Line

If you follow along on social media, you probably know that I am a mother of 3 boys.  Just like you, I do not feel worthy of splurging on myself, when my son needs yet another pair of shoes because he is growing like a weed.  I have struggled with finding age appropriate clothing, especially since now I feel like I need to dress a certain way...getting old and having kids can do that to you.

That's when I decided to start up Hazel Blues clothing line.  I knew that I wanted to offer clothing to active women around the world, who not only want to feel beautiful in their skin, but not have to compromise comfort while doing it.  All of my pieces are carefully thought out with every body type in mind.  I have worked with a top designer to bring a unique twist to some classics you already love.  While Tara Lynn's Boutique will be the prominent brand carrying Hazel Blues at first, we will also be offering the line to other boutiques to carry across the country.  It is my hopes that Hazel Blues becomes a household name, not for fame or for fortune though.  I want to change the way women think about their bodies, especially after the toll it takes from having kids.  I want women to not feel guilty about finally buying themselves something. We are  always placing our needs on the back burner.  I want you to get excited about your body again and to clothe it with something that not only makes you FEEL beautiful but makes you LOOK beautiful too.

I will never forget an email I got from a woman who had ordered a dress from me.  She talked about how for the first time she actually felt beautiful in 10 years, 10 YEARS.  A simple dress can do that for us, and that is why I am in this business ladies.  To help make YOU feel beautiful. Even if it is for one night while out with your loved one.  She will never know how much that email meant to me.  It is what drives me each and every day to make a difference in this industry.

I hope that you will get as excited about this new clothing line as I am.  I cannot wait to share it with each of you.  Be confident in your skin and in yourself.  You can make a difference.


Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Hello, my name is Mom

Don't get me wrong I LOVE being a mother, I really do, it's just sometimes I feel that I am only a mother and not Tara.  I know I cannot be the only one out there that feels this way.  For the past 6 years of my life I have either been pregnant or nursing a baby.  I also have not had more than 3 periods in that time (TMI, but hey, that's a high point of my life).  Now that my youngest is a year old, I can finally feel confident to leave him with someone for more than an hour or two.  Now all I have to do is find stuff to do, right?  Easier said than done.

Now onto the #mombod issues we all face.  I am struggling with these last 12 pounds or so.  Now, I know to officially be able to complain about it I actually have to go and workout and not see results- buzz kill.  So instead of complaining, I will ask you what you have found that helps shed those last few pounds without having to practically starve myself or eat apple sauce for two weeks?  I recently tried this "magic drink" of grapefruit juice, apple cider vinegar and honey.  I would love to tell you that after drinking this magical concoction I shed those last few unwanted pounds.  Instead, I about threw up all over my son as he watched with bug eyes in disbelief.  I like to think of it as pay back for all the times he spit up on me.  I think eventually I will have to suck it up and join a gym, but who really has time for all that craziness?  Another alternative, is strapping my youngest on my back while I chase my older boys around the house.  That way I can get a good sweat in, while still playing with them.  Win, win in my book.  Seriously ladies, let me know what works for you.  I am open to just about anything. 

Now to shamelessly show off my handsome boys.  I may just be Mom now, but I am dang lucky to be theirs. Fun fact about my two oldest: They share the same birthday but are 2 years apart.  No it was not planned but I love it! 


Friday, August 26, 2016

What my logo means to me

When I started this adventure, I designed my logo in Photoshop.  It was black and gold; simply put, boring.  There was a part of me in it with the black and gold, Geaux Saints,  but the logo itself was not sexy as my husband would say.  A year ago, I decided to take his advice and hire someone to revamp my logo.  I knew I wanted it to be classic and clean.   I knew that my logo not only needed to represent me, but my home.  I wanted to stick to my Southern roots and chose to have a Fleur de Lis as a part of the design.  When I look at my logo now, it reminds me of walking the French Quarter in New Orleans (Nawlins for your locals).  It reminds me of the sound of tap dancing on the streets or a saxophone playing in Jackson Square.   It reminds me of the rich jazz history that surrounds you when you walk the cobble stone streets.  It also reminds me of all the devastating events that have happened to my home state.  All the hurricanes year after year and most recently the extreme flooding that has swept my hometown.  This is what my logo means to me.  I may have moved to another state, but Louisiana and all her beauty will forever be my home.  


Friday, August 19, 2016

Why I decided to extend our return policy

I can honestly say that I have not shopped in a mall for over 5 years.  I am not sure if it's just the hassle of getting dressed, finding a parking spot, walking to the store and then waiting in line to either try on the clothes or check out.  Draining, right?  

I wanted to make sure that every woman who comes to Tara Lynn's, feels comfortable with their buying experience.   So I decided that giving you a full 30 days from the date delivered to try it on, see if you love it and then return it if not, would be something that I would want as a customer.  

It's the little things that make life easier.  Have an idea to make  Tara Lynn's a better company?  I would love to hear it. 
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